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not u too raf

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but really what’s amazing

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Had an impromtu adventure last week scouting out locations for an editorial for photographer Kristiina Wilson. I was searching for a couple of days before I decided to finally stop by this motorcycle place right near my house.  Owner seemed cool and down until I said it was for a magazine, then his demeanor completing changed and immediately started saying how valuable his time was. Now that I’m close to getting a real job I might go back in there and lowball him on the middle bike just for fun. Oh and the place is called Trapa.. naah fuck that no free advertising.

Leaving the parking lot of store that will remain nameless I saw a kid on Vinny Chase’s bike pull into this stamp store across the street. Thought I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try to talk to him, so I went in the store and stalked him out. Probably the luckiest break I’ve got for a while, he was down for the cause and told me two locations to check out about 45 minutes from where we were standing.

This is Lucille’s country dining. Went in kinda scared, but after being served an omelette by the hottest 49 year old woman I’ve ever seen with d-cups, I had the confidence to talk to the actual Lucille, who I found out was eating right next to me. Coolest old lady ever , was talking about all the marijuana fields in the Pinelands, even joked about wanting to pose nude on one of the bikes during the shoot and messing with people from the City who come down by telling them everyone is inbred in the Pines. Really good food, really good prices, and some of the best conversation you can have with Piney’s that you thought wanted to kill you. If your ever in the Pine Barrens get the fuck out cause your lost, but if you need some food before you leave stop by Lucille’s.

At Lucille’s I met this 4’7 firecracker named Debbie. She was telling me how she used to lay on her roof naked when she was 16 eventually drawing attention from the nearby army base. Helicopters used to hover over her house to stare at her and her sister, according to her, but yeah. Anyway she took me to the next location, The Hedger House.

Hedger House in Chatsworth, NJ—also known as the capital of the Pine Barrens. On a nice weekend they’ll have over 100 bikes with a band / BBQ music.  Debbie asked if she could ride in my car to save gas on the way to the other location. Felt like I could take this 4’7 woman if anything happened, so I obliged. She is literally an encyclopedia on the Pine Barrens, which made the drive enjoyable. Only weird part was when she said everyone in the Pine Barrens carries a gun, which made me feel like I couldn’t take this 4’7 woman.

That’s Debbie and her piece. This is on one of her friends huge multi-million dollar cranberry farm. This picture is taken in their garage where they keep their “toys”.

Like this monster truck, 3 Harleys, and a Stingray Corvette that was too far in the back for me to take a picture of. After looking at the bikes she taught me the whole process of harvesting cranberries. First you go into the bog with a machine that knocks the cranberries off the fine without damaging them. The cranberries float to the top because of airpockets in the fruit. Then they use a float ring that is used to trap oil spills in the ocean to collect the cranberries before sucking them out pause and shooting them into the trucks.

“Knocking” the cranberries.

Keep going /justblaze

End of knock.

Debbie says once all the cranberries have been knocked they form a wave, this picture doesn’t illustrate it that well but that’s where Ocean Spray got their shit from.

But yeah, crazy day, picking up strangers-going to biker bars, playing on cranberry bogs.  Random as fuck.  Probably coulda died 3 times.


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Someone over at the Selectism office got pretty real:

“You can’t get more blogtastic than Junya Watanabe right now. He combines several key elements (workwear influence, from Japan, unaffordable) that makes him irresistible to the blog world. Here’s something else of his that you can lust over. And at £965, that’s probably all you’ll be doing with it.”

Yo I’ll make sarcastic comments about jawns all day. Will work for said jawns too.

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red. dead.

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Thanks Hipster Runoff Max, lol.

I got lost in Boston, Austin, flossin’ of course Miami Reno, Nevada sip pino colada

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I’ve been wanting to drive across country since I was about 16. Not trying to sound patriotic or AMERICANA BRO but I feel people are so quick to jump at the chance to go overseas while knowing basically nothing about their own country. Just moving an hour south to the Shore I’ve noticed the vast cultural differences that can occur within a single state—I’d love to have the chance to experience that on a larger scale. A couple kids I know recently made the trek (shout outs to BOBTARD) and now any reason I have to visit California I always contemplate driving instead of flying. I even joked with Kiya about taking his motorcycle on display in his San Francisco store and riding it to SENY.  Intense, but this is exactly what the dudes at http://oscarapparel.blogspot.com/ are doing, on vintage bikes no less.  Fucking ridiculous, best of luck.

More info : http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/

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